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University of Wisconsin–Madison

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Van Hise Society, the (VHS)
for major donors to the UW; use society on second reference; do not capitalize the when calling it the Van Hise Society
Varjian, Leon
the late student-government leader who was the vice president of the Pail and Shovel Party, which was responsible for the plastic flamingos on Bascom Hill in fall 1979 and the Statue of Liberty on the lake later, among other pranks
see CMS 8.116–8.117 for a discussion of the names of ships, submarines, aircraft, trains, space programs, and the class, make, and model of cars
versus, vs.
write out in text, but in sports-related marketing, the abbreviation vs. is acceptable; see also court cases
veterinary school
its full name, the School of Veterinary Medicine, is preferred, but in cases when it’s shortened, use veterinary school, not vet school
vice chancellor; vice president
not hyphenated
per CMS 6.78, use an en dash: The vote was 14–6
see versus, vs.