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initial cap
fall semester, fall 2020
farmers’ market
plural possessive
capitalize when used in reference to a specific, named fellowship: He was recently named a Fulbright Fellow; in most cases, however, it will be lowercase: Jacob Hoke, a new fellow of the American Academy of Metallurgy; lowercase on all subsequent references
Field House
the official name is the Wisconsin (not UW) Field House; do not capitalize the in the Field House or the Wisconsin Field House
Fifth Quarter
initial caps
file names
use all caps and no periods for, e.g., PDF, JPEG, JPG, TIF, GIF
file share (noun); file-share (adjective); share files (verb)
options when writing about sharing files
First Wave Hip Hop and Urban Arts Learning Community
First Wave on second reference
first-come, first-served
use hyphens and separate with a comma
Flamingle, the
although The is in the official name of the Wisconsin Alumni Association's weekly enewsletter, use lowercase roman type for "the;" see CMS 8.70
follow up (verb); follow-up (noun and adjective)
open when used as a verb; hyphenated when used as noun or adjective
football Saturday(s)
see also Game Day
can be considered offensive, so find alternatives: for countries, use other countries or countries outside the United States; for languages, use languages without the word foreign when possible; for students, use international students, students from other countries, students from outside the United States; for study, use study abroad, study in other countries, study outside the United States
foreign words and phrases
if the word is found in the main body of the dictionary, it’s become mainstream enough that it does not need to be italicized; if it’s found in the Foreign Words & Phrases section (page 1460 of the dictionary), italicize it; on second reference, such a word is not italicized; an exception is Latin scholarly words and phrases, which are not italicized; see also CMS 7.49, 7.53, and 7.54
former/birth names
see names and degrees
Forward under 40 Awards (FUF)
more than one of these awards is given out each year, so someone receives an (not the) award or one of the awards
Foundation, the
see UW Foundation
Founders’ Day(s) (FD)
use the plural possessive apostrophe
spell out simple fractions and use a hyphen: three-quarters of the book, four-fifths of the students; use numerals for more complex fractions; see also CMS 9.14–15  
freshman football
singular freshman
freshman, freshmen
use first-year student when possible; however, the admissions office and Guide use freshman to designate class standing
Fulbright scholar
common usage has frequently shortened the name to just Fulbright, but the fellowship program’s official name is Fulbright-Hays; there are several types of Fulbrights and various specific names for them, but they are mostly fellowships, so the generic word grant (but not scholarship) typically works when referring to them; the generic word scholar can refer to a recipient
full time (adverb); full-time (adjective)
fundraising, fundraiser (nouns)
exceptions to the dictionary, which uses hyphens