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University of Wisconsin–Madison

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College of Letters & Science (not Sciences); use an ampersand with the abbreviation and the proper name
La Follette
in references to Fighting Bob La Follette, 1879; Belle Case La Follette 1879, LLB 1885; their family; or any people or entities that have descended from them, put a space between La and Follette
LaBahn Arena
no space between La and Bahn
Lake Street Alumni Council (Lake Streeters)
this group comprises former members of the Wisconsin Alumni Student Board and the Homecoming Committee, both sponsored by the Wisconsin Alumni Association
Lakefront Gateway, Lakefront Gateway Project
comprises the Memorial Union Reinvestment, Alumni Park, and One Alumni Place
Lakeshore Path
initial caps
see foreign
Latin American
no hyphen for noun or adjective usages
Latin scholarly words and phrases
see foreign words and phrases
Law School
capitalized; the Law School prefers UW Law School (not the UW Law School) or University of Wisconsin Law School (not School of Law)
legal cases
see court cases
see CMS 8.62
letters used as words or referred to as letters (“letters as letters”)
see CMS 7.63-7.68
lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer
University of Wisconsin–Madison Libraries, UW–Madison Libraries, the libraries, Memorial Library, College Library
Library Mall
initial caps
life members
lowercase for this segment of WAA members
use numerals with periods rather than numerals with parentheses; be consistent about capitalizing the first word of a new line or not; use a colon to introduce a list or series: The menu lists three kinds of dessert: pie, cake, and pudding; use a colon after an introductory statement that contains the words as follows or the following; use a colon or period after other statements introducing lists
login, logon, logoff (nouns); log in, log on, log off (verbs)
example: When I log in to my account, my login is tammyfae.
Lowell Center, the
lowercase the in running text; in stacked information (e.g., in invitations), use just Lowell Center (not The Lowell Center)