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University of Wisconsin–Madison

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generally, use hyphens and initial caps; however, in some design contexts, all caps and/or no hyphens may be more accommodating
see United States (noun), U.S. (adjective and noun)
no periods; see also CMS 8.31
no periods; see also CMS 8.62
under way (adverb); underway (adjective)
open when used as an adverb; closed when used as an adjective.
Use undocumented to refer to a group of people or an individual who does not have documentation required for legal immigration or residence, and only when relevant to the story and with explicit permission from a group or individual. For example, undocumented immigrants or an undocumented student. Avoid illegal or alien.
Union South
see Wisconsin Union
Union Theater
the proper name is the Wisconsin Union Theater; it is not the Memorial Union Theater
Union, the
see Wisconsin Union
United States (noun); U.S. (adjective and noun);
periods with U.S. is a departure from Chicago style
capitalize only as part of a formal title on first reference; always lowercase on second reference
University Book Store, The
although The is in its official name, use lowercase roman type for “the”; here Book Store is two words, but normally bookstore is one word
University Club
initial caps
University Health Services (UHS)
use plural Services
University Housing
not Division of University Housing
University of Wisconsin Armory and Gymnasium
see Red Gym
University of Wisconsin Foundation
see UW Foundation (UWF)
University of Wisconsin–Madison, the
Use an en dash rather than a hyphen between University of Wisconsin and Madison. Spell out on first reference in external publications or publications that will be read widely off campus. UW–Madison (with an en dash, not a hyphen) is acceptable in external publications and in all internal communication for the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Do not use the with UW–Madison (research at UW–Madison). Also acceptable on second reference are the UW and the university (when the context is clearly UW–Madison). To prevent confusion with other UW System units, however, use the UW as a substitute for UW–Madison only when the context is clearly UW–Madison or the entity is officially named UW instead of University of Wisconsin–Madison, (UW Hospital and Clinics, UW Credit Union, UW Law School). Capitalize The only as a formal title in a formal reference, such as in the headline of a program; generally, though, lowercase the. UW is acceptable when referring to athletics teams or departments that do not use UW–Madison as part of their official names (UW Health, UW Carbone Cancer Center); or as an abbreviated reference to the University of Wisconsin System as a whole (UW budget, students enrolled at UW institutions). See also CMS 6.81.
University of Wisconsin, the
see University of Wisconsin–Madison, the
University Ridge golf course
lowercase golf course
University Theatre
not Theater
but campuswide, citywide, countywide, nationwide, statewide, systemwide, worldwide
stands for Uniform Resource Locator, an internet address style for addresses: e.g,, though typically shortened to, e.g.,; see also website (URL) addresses
see University of Wisconsin–Madison, the
UW athletics
see athletics department
UW Branch campuses (formerly UW Colleges)
Effective July 2018, the 13 two-year campuses formerly known as UW Colleges joined seven of UW System’s four-year research institutions as branch campuses.
UW Department of Athletics
see athletics department
UW Field House
the official name is the Wisconsin (not UW) Field House; do not capitalize the in the Field House or the Wisconsin Field House
UW Foundation (UWF)
use the Foundation (capitalized) or UWF (never the UWF) in subsequent references
UW Homecoming Parade
but Homecoming parade
UW Libraries
this umbrella title refers to all libraries on this campus
UW Marching Band, UW Varsity Band
the university’s best-known band is called the UW Marching Band in the fall (when it marches) and the UW Varsity Band in the spring (when it plays indoor concerts); use marching band on second reference when discussing the UW Marching Band
UW Spirit Squad
UW–Madison's squad comprises the dance team, cheerleaders, and Bucky Badger mascots; on second reference, use Spirit Squad or the squad; lowercase other schools' spirit squads
UW System
The UW System comprises 13 four-year-term universities, 13 UW Branch campuses, UW College Courses Online, and UW Extended campuses.
UW System Board of Regents
The 17-member panel that oversees the University of Wisconsin System; use UW System Board of Regents on first reference; use regents, board of regents, or board on second reference; see also board of directors, board of regents, board of visitors, and regent, regents.
UW Varsity Band
see UW Marching Band, UW Varsity Band
UW–Madison (no the)
Use an en dash rather than a hyphen. Acceptable on second reference in external publications and in all internal communication for the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Do not use the with UW–Madison: research at UW–Madison. To prevent confusion with other UW System units, do not use the UW as a substitute for UW–Madison, except when the context is clearly UW–Madison or the entity is officially named University of Wisconsin rather than University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW Hospital and Clinics, UW Credit Union). See also CMS 6.39 and 6.81 and University of Wisconsin, the; and UW, the.
UW–Madison Division of Extension
Extension offers credit and noncredit educational opportunities throughout the state
UW, the
see University of Wisconsin–Madison, the