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University of Wisconsin–Madison

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Game Day
noun or adjective when referring to UW football (home and away) Game Days only; initial caps
gender-neutral language
Use gender-neutral words and phrases. Some rewording may be necessary to make language as neutral and inclusive as possible—e.g., use an article rather than a pronoun; omit a pronoun; use an article in place of a pronoun; drop feminine suffixes such as -ette and -ess; use chair, not chairman; avoid using his or her; where possible, use plural nouns and pronouns to eliminate gender in a sentence. When writing about a specific person who uses gender-neutral pronouns, use the pronouns the person uses. If the audience might be unfamiliar with the pronouns, consider adding a note for clarification. See also nonsexist language; Techniques for achieving gender neutrality, CMS 5.255; Gender-neutral singular pronouns, CMS 5.256.
General Education Requirements
use GER on second reference
GI Bill
provides educational assistance to service members and veterans
see boys, men, girls, women
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Alumni Council
Global Hot Spots lectures, Global Hot Spots series
initial caps for the name of the series, but lowercase the words lecture and series
Gordon Dining and Event Center
not Events
government terms
see CMS 8.62–8.65 regarding legislative, administrative, and governmental bodies’ terms
governmental/civil titles
see CMS 8.22 and titles of people
GPA, grade point average
spell out grade point average on first reference; use GPA on second reference; UW–Madison GPAs are based on a 4.0 scale
write out grade, and use letters: a grade of B, a grade of F, an incomplete, a grade of Incomplete
graduation classes
capitalize Class when referring to a specific, entire graduating class: Class of 1984; using the abbreviated form of the year is acceptable: ’59, ’98; see also degree years
Grandparents University® (GPU)
the program name was registered in 2007 without the plural possessive apostrophe on Grandparents; add the ® mark on at least the first reference; using the ® mark on every reference is also acceptable
green space
two words