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University of Wisconsin–Madison

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for place names with Saint, Fort, Mount, and the like, write out the words except where space is at a premium: Fort Myers, Mount Airy; see CMS 10.30
the Thai pavilion given to Madison by WAA’s Thailand alumni chapter; located in Madison’s Olbrich Gardens; italicize it on first reference but not subsequent references; lowercase it always
use a comma, not a colon, following salutations
Scholz, John Karl
refer to the dean of the College of Letters & Science as John Karl, not simply Karl
  • College of Agricultural and Life Sciences; the college; CALS
  • Wisconsin School of Business; UW–Madison’s business school; the school
  • School of Education; the school; SOE
  • College of Engineering; the college
  • Graduate School, the school
  • School of Human Ecology; the school; SoHE
  • The International Division, the division
  • The Information School; iSchool@UW–Madison; the iSchool (formerly School of Library and Information Studies)
  • Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs; the La Follette School
  • School of Journalism and Mass Communication; the school
  • University of Wisconsin Law School; UW Law School (not the UW Law School); the school
  • College of Letters & Science; the college; L&S
  • Mead Witter School of Music; the music school; the school
  • School of Medicine and Public Health; the school; SMPH
  • School of Nursing; the nursing school; the school; SoN
  • School of Pharmacy; the pharmacy school; the school
  • School of Social Work; the school
  • School of Veterinary Medicine; the school; SVM
Schutt, Sarah
chief alumni officer and executive director of the Wisconsin Alumni Association
use numerals and an en dash between the numerals of sports scores; see CMS 6.78
lowercase: summer session, fall semester, fall 2017, winter break, spring break
lowercase: fall semester, spring semester; UW–Madison is on the semester system, so refer to a semester rather than a term
see biannual, biennial, semiannual
semimonthly, semiweekly
see bimonthly, biweekly, semimonthly, semiweekly
see CMS 8.62
see CMS 8.22
send-off (noun and adjective), send off (verb)
senior class gift
lower case
Senior Toast
initial caps
sexist language
see nonsexist language
used in roman text, with brackets, following an incorrectly used word or phrase to indicate that it’s a mistake made by the person who’s quoted, not by the writer; frequently written as [sic]
use sleeved vs. sleeve with adjectives: long-sleeved T-shirt
spacing after end punctuation
one space, not two
speakers bureau
no apostrophe; it is not possessive
Special student
capitalize Special
spirit squad
lowercase unless it’s the UW Spirit Squad; see also UW Spirit Squad
sports scores
see scores
spouse, wife, husband
all are acceptable
lowercase; spring semester; spring 2018
see Jr., Sr., III
Student Campaign
like Annual Campaign, initial-cap this reference to the overall Student Campaign
student classifications
lowercase freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior when referring to an individual student or to the class as a whole: She is a senior history major; The senior class sponsored the lecture
with a hyphen
see headlines, subheads
Success and the City (SATC)
initial cap on City
lowercase; summer session, summer 2019
System Board of Regents, UW
see UW System Board of Regents
System campuses
use an en dash; uppercase System with UW System institutions, which comprise UW Colleges Online, two-year campuses, and four-year campuses: UW–Baraboo/Sauk County, UW–Barron County, UW–Eau Claire, UW–Fond du Lac, UW–Fox Valley, UW–Green Bay, UW–La Crosse, UW–Madison, UW–Manitowoc, UW–Marathon County, UW–Marinette, UW–Marshfield/Wood County, UW–Milwaukee, UW–Oshkosh, UW–Parkside, UW–Platteville, UW–Richland, UW–River Falls, UW–Rock County, UW–Sheboygan, UW–Stevens Point, UW–Stout, UW–Superior, UW–Washington County, UW–Waukesha, UW–Whitewater; see also CMS 6.81